Obtaining a WHS Handicap Index

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To obtain a handicap an individual must submit sufficient scores that total 54 holes (ie through 3 x 18 holes, 6 x 9 holes, or any combination of 9 or 18-hole scores).

You can only include a card which has been played over one of the ‘Measured’ Qualifying Courses at Vivary (see list of courses below).

The cards must be marked by a Vivary Golf Club member with an official handicap.

The process that must be followed is:

  1. The Player will complete the following details on a blank scorecard before passing to their Marker:
    – In the Competition section write ‘For Handicap’ and include the Date
    Player’s Chosen Tee must be clearly identified.
    Player’s name against Player A
  2. The Marker will complete the Players Gross Score against each hole under Score A as the round progresses.
  3. Upon completion of the round the Marker will total the Gross Scores and sign the card in the ‘Marker’s Signature’ section. The Marker should also print their name along with their signature.
  4. The Player should ensure the scores are clearly legible on the Scorecard and when satisfied sign as The Player.
  5. The Player should then deposit the completed card through the Club Office letterbox.

Following receipt of the necessary 54- hole scores, a handicap will be awarded, and the recipient assigned a lifetime CDH number.

You will now be able to sign in before rounds and enter your score afterwards using the touch screen system in the Clubhouse. This will also display your current handicap.

You will now enter all Club Competitions. Full details of this year’s programme for the Main Club are displayed in the Clubhouse and at https://vivaryparkgolfclub.com/club-fixtures/

Details of how to sign in for Competition and General Play rounds are displayed in the Clubhouse and at https://vivaryparkgolfclub.com/system-sign-in/

Details of Scorecard Completion and Entry requirements are displayed in the Clubhouse and at https://vivaryparkgolfclub.com/scorecards-score-entry/

Finally, download the HowDidiDo app https://www.howdidido.com/Account/Register which will give you access to the Club website as well as your latest Handicap details and Scores

We also recommend downloading the England Golf app https://members.whsplatform.englandgolf.org/signup to access to all EG facilities.

Vivary Measured Qualifying Courses are:

18 Holes – White Tees for Men, Red Tees for Ladies
9 Holes – White Tees for Men, Red Tees for Ladies