1. Please ensure that all scorecards are fully completed with your NAME, DATE AND COMPETITION NAME.
  2. If you are not playing in a Club competition, please identify your round as GENERAL PLAY.
  3. Regardless of whether you are playing in a Club Competition or in a General Play Round you MUST enter your COURSE HANDICAP on your scorecards. The recording of the correct Course Handicap on the card is solely the responsibility of the Player and failure to complete this or entering a Course Handicap higher than that which the Player is entitled will result in Disqualification.
  4. COURSE HANDICAP information is available from the Club System at the time of sign in or can be calculated by taking your World Handicap and referring either to the Slope Index Panel on the Clubhouse wall or your EG app.
  5. In addition, for Club Competitions the handicap applicable to you for that Competition (PLAYING HANDICAP) will be indicated on the Club System at the time of sign in.
  6. Before your round, please exchange cards with a playing partner to act as your MARKER.
  1. During your round mark your score in the column headed MARKERS SCORE and the PLAYERS SCORE in the relevant Score Column. If playing in a Stableford or Bogey format Competition, please enter the Players points in the POINTS column.
  2. On completion of your round please ensure that both Scorecard Marker and Player SIGN THE SCORECARD in the appropriate places.
  1. The Player should then enter their score into the Club System and then POST THEIR CARD INTO THE OFFICE. (Please note that fully completed scorecards remain the formal entry required for a score to be validated. No card or an incomplete card will result in Disqualification).).
  2. If for some reason the Club System is unavailable for score entry Players should post their completed cards into the office and they will be entered on your behalf. If access to the office is not possible, please leave your card with the EA office.